Learn to solder! Don't moop! Go rechargable!

Volver measures 3.75" square, and has 36 10mmLEDs and electronics to control them all. It will play over 1600 unique combinations of patterns designed by members of the Image Node and Disorient crews. It has 4 modes and 4 levels of brightness. On the lowest levels of brightness, it will run for 5-7 hours on a rechargable 9V. (It will run for 20-25 hours on a disposable 9V as well)

We are out of Volvers! In case you got one of the last ones and would like some help, or are building one yourself from scratch, Clear, detailed instructions for assembling the blinky are available here.

We'll be making another blinky kit this summer! Plans are for either Flash memory or a MicroSD card, and USB connectivity to you can program all your own patterns!

All proceeds funded blinky, sound, and projection art for Camp Image Node and Disorient at Burning Man in 2009 and beyond. The money did not go towards any campers' personal expenses.

More About Volver

Source Code, Schematics, etc. here!