Learn to solder! Don't moop! Go rechargable!

The Nodeblinky measures 4" square, hangs as a diagonal, and has 28 LEDs and electronics to control them all. It can play over 2500 unique combinations of patterns designed by the Image Node crew. It has 4 modes and 4 levels of brightness. On the lowest levels of brightness, it will run for 5-7 hours on a rechargable 9V. (It will run for 20-25 hours on a disposable 9V as well)

The Nodeblinky is sold as a kit that you can assemble. All you need is a soldering iron, some solder, and a nippy cutter. If you are in NYC, we will be throwing Blinky Tupperware Parties at the FATlab in East Williamsburg on July 19 and August 2. Clear, detailed instructions for assembling the blinky are available here.

We are no longer selling Nodeblinkies over the Internet. There may be a few left in Denver or in NYC, if you're totally jonesing for one email me.

You can choose your own colors! Choices are:
Diffused: Red, Blue, White, Green, Orange, Yellow
Clear Lens: Red, Blue, White, Green, Aqua, Orange, Yellow, Pink
You can mix and match colors! Please specify your colors in your Paypal order, or email them to twina at imagenode.org

All proceeds will fund large-scale blinky, sound, and projection art at Burning Man in 2008 and beyond. The money will not go towards any campers' personal expenses.

More About the Blinky!

Source Code, Schematics, etc. here!